Hey. I'm new here.

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Hey. I'm new here.

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Hey. I'm new here. I'm 20 years old and I want to become a doctor. Before that, I spent a couple of years at work and it seems to me that I'm finally ready to become a student. I would like to meet you and if there are people here who studied at a medical college, then I will be glad to receive advice from you about an admission essay in order to become a doctor.

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Re: Hey. I'm new here.

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I needed to write in my essay why I decided to choose study medicine and to argue my desire to study this science. I searched for an answer to this question for a long time because it was difficult for me to explain why I chose to be a surgeon and not a police officer or a lawyer, but I was still able to articulate my desire to get an education at a medical college so that it didn't look like a childhood dream, but it was a strong desire and a deliberate decision. Now I can advise you to use all the articles on this subject, for example this one https://www.essayedge.com/blog/why-medicine/ , in order to learn more about what other candidates use ideas, what strategies will be more advantageous in your essay and get inspired to write your personal statement of purpose.

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Re: Hey. I'm new here.

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Re: Hey. I'm new here.

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Very well to know about you and your working expertise as well. You should start the practices into the local hospital or apply for the job into the government sector. Thumbs up for your excellent bestessays.com review future and hope you will become a famous doctor of history one day.

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