It's the authority's role in wow classic gold

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It's the authority's role in wow classic gold

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It's the authority's role in wow classic gold this scenario to control what those strategies are, and that is something blizzard has failed pathetically at since day 1.

It appears you don't comprehend the significance of terms you use. It's not ineptitude, it's their lack of want to lose a certain part of their gains only because a salty redditorwants them . After all, why do they take action if you lack the resolve to vote with your wallet?

If pservers had the tools to ban butters, then does blizzard. There's not any excuse. The issue is that Blizzard does not want to invest in man-power. They want it to be completely automated, but that just does not do the job.

You always ignore the simple fact they are banning bots.

Pservers had 15k online in the same time. I would say that competitions individual Classic servers. Each of these Classic servers has a participant base where every individual pays every month.Just from Buy classic wow gold vouchers alone, Blizzard could not be thought of as a little firm. I don't think you quite comprehend how much of this botting issue just boils down to utter fail from Blizzard.

Is Classic not a profitable game? You make it sound like it is going to take a group of 30 rocket engineers to ban a single botter while, in fact, it is actually quite a simple task for a single person to perform.

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