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Woods another position following standard layout fleeing

Posted: Sat Feb 27, 2021 3:30 am
by xingwang
Woods another position following standard layout fleeing from Tarkov. Bunch concentrated in the east side, near the roundabout, and the other party in the west, close to the suburbs. These players showcase production should cross the opposite side. This means that the individual who brought a close to EFT Roubles the appropriate preparation, and with whom no personal head-on collision.

Produced in the west side of the border in the boot of the western starting point extraction, and mixed along the west divider, with something close to the United Nations roadblock close to North divider. This brings closer is probably the most open piece guidance, rough channels out of the woods to stay long line of sight, a lot of players who can surge ahead and get some early separation massacre. Try to stick to the trees, which can be thought of and maintained covered to ensure you make the main effort.

These give birth to a focus on suburban extraction point, and from the ship times to ZB-014. In the off chance, you have to give birth near SCAV house, suburban, know at this point, players may be rotated around your place, anyway thick foliage may mean that will appear in the short-short-range commitment. Try to move quickly to ensure that your path is clear, or find bed and confidence in the spot, the player will pass you. Most enemies will head to Kiba brought to the east, so you are bound to be in contact with the West. Learn SCAV house because it has a higher combat people SCAV AI to a large extent, but the first few minutes of the strike did not mention how much might be.