They don't need to have to wow classic gold

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They don't need to have to wow classic gold

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Individuals overwhelmingly stated the very first month of fresh classic has been the best part but then say they are not in favor of fresh TBC, like wat?

My problem with 100% fresh servers is that, everyone is super hyped for BC so they can level in Outland and enter the newest content. They don't need to have to wow classic gold level up new characters through the old world, which is still 1 hell of a slog to level through in BC.

Yeah I feel that but if folks don't want to level new characters they then could play the continued servers. The older world levelling is also significantly faster, you could certainly get to 60 within 2-3 weeks of fair playtime.I really think getting to content 2-3 weeks after for a literal totally different server experience is well worth it but I'm in a minority.

A strict cap isn't going to work. As an instance, if they limit it to 1000 gold subsequently players/bots will purchase subs or account to utilize as mules to spread their gold across. If gold was reset to 0, players/bots would bring about copious quantities of materials to market in TBC.

You will find a lot of Buy cheap classic wow gold players wanting to buy vanilla profession materials, for instance. Additionally, there are some bis consumables which use vanilla herbs. And the greatest reason not contemplate it, is that unless they follow along a serious effort to stop gold buyers/sellers, then affect only hurts honest players.

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You mean to tell me that they dont have the ability to Mmogo wow classic gold allocate more resources if they wanted to? I find it very hard to believe. So this is just a matter of what they would like to do. Not what they cant do. And what they want to do would be to select the path thats simpler for them.
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