Why does your app need a modernization ?

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Why does your app need a modernization ?

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Often, app owners realize that their application needs improvement only when they see a decrease in its effectiveness. Therefore, I've decided to mention the first signs that indicate that the app is going to become outdated. If you found that any of points listed below suit your app, use app modernization services.

1. You haven't done any major improvements for 3-5 years. This is not yet a sign of a future decrease in efficiency, but a clear signal that the resource needs an audit. Such a check will reveal the main shortcomings, if such exist.
2. A gradual decrease in behavioral factors. If you find that your average visit time and viewing depth have dropped significantly from past years, this is a possible sign that your audience is slowly losing interest and you need to understand why.
3. The resource is inferior to competitors in terms of functionality. Highlight a few of the biggest direct competitors and compare the usability of their sites to yours. If they offer more useful tools and features to the user, that is a clear sign that an upgrade is needed.
4.The app copes poorly with the new requirements. Inconvenient administration, periodic interruptions in work, complaints from users - all these are the first signs of obsolescence, if you do not pay attention to them, then significant traffic drawdowns may soon begin.

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