ually a good choice with our challenging loved on

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ually a good choice with our challenging loved on

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As parents Wholesale Jerseys Cheap , educators and caregivers are we paying attention to whether our children are excluders OR the ?excluded?'

Rejection shows up in many ways. Here are a few:

Hurt in the words.

Sarcasm in the voice.

Behaviors that say, "You don't belong." "You are not wanted." "You are not safe here."

Feelings of profound sadness. Isolation.

The kids who are the last to be picked for the team.

A visibly 'different? adult sitting alone at a party.

A recent tragedy underscores how crucial it is to pay attention to situations where people send out a loud SOS for help with rejection. William Freund, a 19 year-old young man with Asperger Syndrome pleaded for help on an internet forum, conveying his despairing loneliness and inability to help himself find solutions. By the time anyone took him seriously Wholesale Jerseys Online , it was too late; he had killed two people, wounded another and fatally turned the gun on himself in October of this year. He had put out a plea for help worldwide, one could say, and no one helped him know that it could all be worked out.

Tune into rejection issues!

Here are ten tips and some tools to help challenging loved ones reduce their vulnerability to rejection:

1. Hone your radar to pick up rejection.

Heighten your attention to what is happening with the vulnerable children and adults that you work or live with. Do not presume they can come to you and label their feelings. Call upon your own childhood memories. Were you teased Wholesale Jerseys From China , bullied or isolated by peers? Or were you a witness to children who were? Make sure you don't ignore what you see and know.

2. Have conversations to help them interpret social situations.

If your child has behaviors that set himself up as a target, work with him, in little steps, to build a stockpile of social choices that substitute for the intuitive wisdom that may not come naturally. ?After you tell your new friend you like hockey Wholesale Jerseys China , ask him what he likes to talk about."

3. Help them verbalize any secret pain.

Rejected children know who they are and live inside brains that tiptoe around to get a break or to avoid heartbreak. They don't learn well or behave too well either, if they are sad. If you are a parent, teacher or caregiver, you know rejection when you see it. You have an important role as a safe person for them to come to.

4. Help them have a plan for how to respond when things happen.

They will need steady guidance from you to learn the appropriate steps in various situations especially if there is a diagnosis such as Asperger syndrome or high functioning autism.

5. Notice who are the players.

Where there is a group Wholesale Jerseys , there is a leader. Leaders are gatekeepers of acceptance; our challenging loved ones don't know how to navigate the politics of groups. They need extra protection. You may need to guide the leader. Or you may need to deal with a ?boss.? Girls tend to have a different style of excluding. They do it more privately. It is difficult to create outright acceptance when kids or even adults want to make their own choices in the company they keep, but you can set out clear expectations and boundaries about how people are to be treated.

6. Make sure your child knows what wonderful talents or strengths he has going for him. [And every one does!]

Send ongoing reminders. Help her develop the happy feelings of pride and competence. Happy children learn better.

7. Show what kindness and tolerance look like.

Model them by making them routine household activities. If you want your child to learn what a nice person does, you have to show AND tell.

8. Keep your love and support solid, despite how challenging it all feels.

When kids and special needs individuals challenge rules Wholesale NFL Football Jerseys , irritate or 'misbehave? they may be telling you they are floundering in the chaos of not knowing how to deal with rejection. Be intuitive about what is going on.

9. Tap into the ?nice? kids.

Find designated buddies who can help in challenging situations. But beware this can be tricky business. Teachers and parents must help make this work so neither child feels they 'stick out? or have too big a burden in this partnership.

10. Think before you 'leave them to solve their problems on their own.'

This strategy is not usually a good choice with our challenging loved ones who struggle with social skills. First, they need how-to tools. Until then, it may be too hard to go it alone!

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